Interview Study: Legal aspects of the use of smart devices

PhD student Stanislaw Piasecki (2018 Cohort) is looking at the legal aspects of the use of smart devices by vulnerable people. Stan is currently recruiting participants to take part in an interview-based study.

post by Stanislaw Piasecki (2018 cohort)

I am a third year PhD student at the Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training (University of Nottingham). In my thesis, I am analysing how data protection law works in theory and in practice when vulnerable people use smart home devices. For this reason, I am looking to interview (for no more than 30 minutes), persons working on data protection law compliance issues in a smart home context. This could be people designing such devices, advising organisations or thinking about the challenges.

The interviews will be turned into a report, which I could send to the interviewee once I have finished my analysis. Hopefully, my findings will support data protection law compliance efforts. If requested in the consent form, all data provided during the interview will be anonymised before any publication.

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I will be grateful for any suggestions.

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Stanislaw Piasecki