Nostalgic Gifting – Call for participants

Rebecca Gibson (2019 cohort) is currently recruiting for the Nostalgic Gifting study:

What is the study for? 

We are interested in exploring nostalgia within hybrid gift-giving. Hybrid gifting in this case is a physical gift which includes a digital aspect. We are looking to recruit pairs of participants, with one participant being the gift-giver and one being the recipient.  

What would I have to do?

  • Create a gift online. 
  • Upload a photograph to accompany your gift.  
  • Take part in a 30-minute interview.  
  • Reflect upon your experience.
  • Receive a gift! 
  • Take part in a 30-minute interview.  
  • Reflect upon your experiences.


  • The study is entirely online.  
  • Gift-givers will use a website to create the gift. 
  • Photographs will be attached digitally to the gift.  
  • Gifts will be posted to recipient’s home address.


  • 18 years or over. 
  • You do not have any severe food allergies or dietary requirements.  
  • You own a smart phone and have access to the internet. 
  • You are based in the UK. 

What do I get? 

  • Gift-givers get to create a gift for loved one! 
  • Recipient will get to receive a gift.  
  • Contribution to an emerging gifting paradigm.  

Process Overview  

  • Send the person you wish to give a gift to this information/ask them to see if they would be interested. 
  • If yes, then email Rebecca making sure to copy your selected recipient in.  
  • The recipient will then be sent a screening form to check for any allergies and to ensure they are safe to receive post. 
  • If they pass the screening form and you are both happy to take part in the study then you will be sent consent forms.  
  • The recipient will then provide us with shipping details. 
  • The gift-giver will then receive a link to create the gift online. 
  • The gift will then be shipped to the recipient.  
  • The gift will arrive!
  • The gift-giver will be interviewed. 
  • The recipient will be interviewed.  


If you have any questions about the study, please contact: